Introducing Mobile Event Apps

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new product called Mobile Event Apps inside Meetingbox. It greatly simplifies the creation of mobile apps with a flexible drag and drop app configurator that allows event managers to build fully customisable branded apps to engage and connect with their event attendees – without any coding or training needed. With Mobile Event Apps, users don’t need to worry about integrating any third-party event app provider or using our API integration with Meetingapp (the official support of Meetingapp ends December 31st 2018). Instead we provide a fully integrated mobile app solution directly inside Meetingbox.

But that’s not all: to increase engagement, we’ve added over 30 features that you can add to your apps: Polling, Surveys, Personal Schedules, Content Curation, Push Notifications, Activity Feeds and much more. If you’re using an event app to differentiate, but also provide your sponsors and exhibitors enticing sponsorship opportunities inside the app, the tool is a new source of revenue for your events.

We provide different types of event apps to cover all requirements. The two main types of options are Express and Custom Apps. When you buy an Express App, you can simply publish your event any time through the official Meetingbox app (App Store / Google Play Store). There is no app store review or Apple developer account needed. When you buy a Custom App, you will get a full branded app experience including a custom app icon.

One important difference between Express and Custom Apps is that Custom Apps require App Store review process (App Store and Google Play Store) which can take up to 14 days, while Express apps can be launched within minutes.

Contact our sales team to schedule a demo.

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