Tag: Product Features

Welcome to Meetingbox 3.0!

The Best Meetingbox Experience Yet In the past 6 months Succevo has made a number of significant steps forward in bringing to market one of the leading integrated meeting & event planning, management and execution software tools – Meetingbox. Building on top of our world-class project management workflow tools, we now have fully integrated web-based […]

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Introducing Event Management

Since we started developing solutions for the Meetings & Event industry, we’ve had one focus — to make event management easier and more productive. While not every customer uses our three Meetingbox products – Project Workflow Management, Event Management and Mobile Event Apps – in the same way, everyone is looking for a fully integrated […]

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Introducing Mobile Event Apps

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new product called Mobile Event Apps inside Meetingbox. It greatly simplifies the creation of mobile apps with a flexible drag and drop app configurator that allows event managers to build fully customisable branded apps to engage and connect with their event attendees – without any coding or […]

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