Welcome to Meetingbox 3.0!

The Best Meetingbox Experience Yet

In the past 6 months Succevo has made a number of significant steps forward in bringing to market one of the leading integrated meeting & event planning, management and execution software tools – Meetingbox.

Building on top of our world-class project management workflow tools, we now have fully integrated web-based event management (registration, attendee management etc), as well as a mobile application toolkit that allows you to build mobile applications for each of your events, simply creating a completely new level of customer satisfaction.

We would love to show you ‘Meetingbox in the new’ and demonstrate to you how this toolset can help provide visibility, transparency and new digital capability to your events and meetings.

Introducing Mobile Event Apps

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new product called Mobile Event Apps inside Meetingbox. It greatly simplifies the creation of mobile apps with a flexible drag and drop app configurator that allows event managers to build fully customisable branded apps to engage and connect with their event attendees – without any coding or training needed.

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Introducing Event Management

Since we started developing solutions for the Meetings & Event industry, we’ve had one focus — to make event management easier and more productive. While not every customer uses our three Meetingbox products – Project Workflow Management, Event Management and Mobile Event Apps – in the same way, everyone is looking for a fully integrated solution to reduce manual work keeping various applications in sync. We’ve been listening to our customer feedback and are pleased to announce that we have implemented our Event Management module directly inside Meetingbox.

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Today, we’re happy to inform that Meetingbox will get an updated look and feel to help teams get things done faster. This redesign simplifies Meetingbox and gives users a modern, consistent and streamlined user experience.

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Product Enhancements

Here’s a run-down of product enhancements that have gone into the latest release:

  • Updated look & feel gives you a modern, consistent and streamlined user experience.
  • Mobile Event Apps and Event Management integration into Meetingbox Core.
  • Decimal items in services: the users are now able to split the service items more precisely.
  • Filters tab is now colored when used, so that the user can quickly review which filters are selected.
  • New column of the contact’s position added in the companies “Contacts” tab.
  • The language of the created presentation is now visible in the General tab in the presentation.
  • Users that are not part of project would be now restricted to create tasks inside a project if they are not part of it (the update doesn’t involve Meetingbox administrators).
  • Multiple checkbox for filtering ‘Project Categories’ in Project Overview and Reports.
  • “PM on site” exported as an additional column in the Reports module. In addition new filter was created for the same.
  • Filters for the Purchase orders are now available inside the Projects. The users can filter for PO number, Supplier, Supplier Category and Category Type inside Finances PO module of the project.
  • Modified filter in the Reports Staff module. Meetingbox will only show the active users by default. New filter for all inactive ones is also available.
  • New field “Service” added in the tasks. The user would be now able map the task to any service or a package available in the project and track the time working on each.


Here’s a run-down of fixes that will go into the latest release:

  • Fixes“Show only package price” option in packages
  • Fixes in Reports module related to the projects profit
  • Fixes related to the service columns in project Services overview
  • Fixes related to system calculations in the services
  • PDF can be now opened from File manager directly in the browser
  • Searching field now accepts special characters
  • Fixes related to the additional assignee of the tasks
  • Fixes related to the columns in the proformas
  • Fixes related to the filters in Reports module
  • Destination drop-down option not working when editing a project
  • Client and supplier commissions not updated automatically when service edited from overview
  • Newly created tasks showing in past in user’s notifications
  • Additional assignee added automatically in task
  • Translations taking date, numbers, project names
  • Tasks showing as created by the user who is logged in

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