Working from home

Covid-19 came around and we all went home, first for 2 weeks, then for four and now forever! Noooo, just kidding 😂We are not going home forever, we love our team and we love seeing each other.

But we want to learn from the crisis, and want to find long term solutions for happier team members and eco-friendly sustainable solutions for our company.

Our HR Management and CEO have discussed the efficiency results of the recent months, and saw great work from an even greater team! We have stayed in touch virtually a lot, we have worked individually on our own tasks and we have stayed together aiming for the same goal, although we were apart.

Times have changed, and so have we.

The new circumstances have shown worldwide how important it is for employers to be as flexible as possible. So we are officially switching from

Office Policy to Home Office Policy!

This provides our team with the most flexible working environment yet!

 Meetingbox has seen some great results, we work better, we are happier, we save money but most importantly we save time! Now there are about two hours more every day, where we can go to sports, cook a healthy meal, spend it with our partners and families, and also if you need to finish a task there is still enough time.

We have always had a good eye on how to reduce our ecological footprint as a company, and the best and easiest way is to stop commuting on a daily basis.

Come in if you want to, but stay home if you have to!

“What we have seen is that with strong leadership, and good collaboration technology, a great team will regularly perform better when it has a flexible approach to completing its tasks.  This flexibility includes where the team works from, as well as when it works.  Leadership and communication are key.”

– Mark Pearson, CEO

We have asked our team what they liked most about working at home. This is what they said:

“It saves me 1,5 hours in commute a day. Now when I turn off the computer I have free time instantly!”

“I work better because, I use the phases of creativity to work, which can be also late at night and I can make breaks whenever it is needed.”

“I now go to sports before or after working hours. Also I have time to do the washing which makes my wife very happy. I work more efficiently, but miss the productive vibe of having people around me working too.”

“I now spend lunches with my husband, as we work different hours we barely saw each other before. The communication with our offices in India and Bulgaria has improved immensely, as you are working on your own now and need to contact them more.”

“I can pick up the kids myself and am not dependent on a sitter anymore. Now they don’t come home at 5 pm but earlier, and play at home.”

“I can finally work more  😊

“I am able to work better without office disruptions and focus more on target jobs at hand.”

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