Introducing Meetingbox 3.1.0 (English)

We are pleased to announce the Meetingbox 3.1.0., which will be publically available on 15.12.2018. This update provides a number of enhancements along with several new additions.

Note: As previously announced, starting January 1st, 2019 the old design of Meetingbox will be no longer supported.

Please see the Release Notes below for more detailed information.

1. Features

Project Workflow Management

  1. Fiscal Name in Companies
    New field added below the company name, which is expected to store the fiscal name of the company.
  2. Copy services from one project to another
    Users are able to copy one, multiple or all services from one project to another, keeping all details from the old service such as prices, description, supplier, etc.
  3. Export services from Services overview
    Users are able export information from the Projects> Services overview using the existing filters.
  4. Totals in Invoices
    Total amount of all invoices added in Projects> Finances> Invoices. The totals are showing in both the default currency of the system and the currency of the project.
  5. PDF export of POs and Invoices
    Users are able to export POs and Invoices in PDF format in addition to the Excel.
  6. Exclude services from presentation
    New option added to exclude certain services from being automatically added to presentations.
  7. Reverse charge added for cost price
    Users are able to add reverse charge to the cost price in addition to the sell.
  8. Calendar All-day events limit
    The system is showing up to 5 all-day events in Calendar> HR module and showing how many are left. Button to extend all results is added. The users are able to switch to the option with inner scroll from the settings.
  9. Surcharges
    Meetingbox now provides the ability to add surcharges on cost. The system will allow you to store multiple surcharges in both amount and %, which can be added on a later stage to any existing service in both the Service Pool and the services within a project. The surcharges will be added up to the final cost price with total for all and will allow for accommodating any specific suppliers’ surcharges. The total of all surcharges per service will be available as new columns in:
    – Project>Cost Sheet
    – Project>POs
    – Reports>POs

Event Management

  1. Add to Calendar
    New functionality for the event management module, where the end user becomes automatically a calender invite along with a confirmation email upon registration.
  2. Page Designer Enhancement
    A newly updated version of page designer is introduced in order to help event managers create better styled pages and emails. Therefore we have created different templates.

Mobile Event Apps

  1. Crop Function
    This is a new functionality to crop images. Now the upload for cover image, icon and profile pictures will be much easier and the Meetingbox users will be able to adjust those to their liking.
  2. Deep Linking
    Direct connection between our mobile app and the app stores, meaning that the end user will be able to find the desired app quicker by simply following a link received via an email. If the app is already installed, the link will navigate the user within the app.
  3. Mobile App Enhancements
    The following App Features were successfully updated: Live Poll, Public Chat and Activity Feed.
  4. Schedule – Same Start/End Time Display
    The app displays now only the start time if session start time is equal to end time. Example: 09:00 instead of 09:00 – 09:00.
  5. Offline Mode
    System is now offline-ready (except dynamic features like Live Poll, Activity Feed etc.).

2. Enhancements

  1. Multi-select option in geodata filters
    Clients are able to select multiple countries, regions and cities using the search. Filters are modified in Contacts, Services, Projects and Reports.
  2. Check all/ Uncheck all Project Status in Task Board
    Users are able to check/uncheck all project statuses within the project filter.
  3. Filter by project categories
    New filter is added in Projects to search by a category.
  4. Search by administrator
    Users are able to seach by administrator in the Task Board within a project.
  5. Project name visible in the projects Task board
    Project name is now always available in a task when accessed from the Dashboard and in the Task Board within a project and the Calendar.
  6. Total Time Spent
    New field added in the Projects Task board showing the total time spent on a certain service. The time is tracked based on users tasks.
  7. Update Supplier button in packages
    New button in the packages added allowing the user to update all services inside a package with the same supplier as the package has.
  8. Auto suggestion project in tasks
    System returns auto-suggestion options in the Projects field in a task.

3. Fixes

  • Fixes related to the tasks in Calendar module (Calendar)
  • Deleted projects are not present in the Calendar module anymore (Calendar)
  • Parent tasks are now visible when editing a task from Calendars> My plan (Calendar)
  • Sub-tasks can be re-assidned from the parent task in Calendar> My plan (Calendar)
  • Meetings and Appointments are not duplicating in My projects in Calendar (Calendar)
  • Fixes related to the time zones in the Calendar and Outlook (Calendar)
  • Parent task field of a sub-task is not resetting anymore when moved from the Calendar (Calendar)
  • Fixes related to exports in the Calendar section / Calendar (Calendar)
  • Fixes in the Chain company filter in Contacts (Contacts)
  • Fixes related to the loader in the Dashboard (Dashboard)
  • Fixes in Event templates. The system alerts that the changes will be lost when changing the system language (Events)
  • Fixes when adding new event. Add existing Short URL: The window doesn’t break if you add an existing Short URL (Events)
  • Fixes in Projects> Advanced filters when the system returns multiple results (Filters)
  • Fixes in the search engine of the Contacts related to the returned results (Filters)
  • Fixes in the Geodata related to edit and delete options (Geodata)
  • Mobile App>Accounts> mapping of the fields> no show after editing an account from account section (Mobile App)
  • Completed actions in Operations are coloured in green (Operations)
  • Fixes in the Excel exported from Operations (Operations)
  • Fixes in Client and Supplier commissions when navigating though the different packages option (Projects)
  • Fixes in the way how the task templates are listed in the Settings and the Projects (Projects)
  • Fixes in auto-assigning unique project numbers when creating new project (Projects)
  • Fixes in exporting budget and cost sheets (Projects)
  • Project name and number added in all project subsections (Projects)
  • Fixes in the Task board of the project related to deletion of comments (Projects)
  • Fixes in projects Currency (Projects)
  • Fixes in Net total and VAT in Finances> Invoices of a project (Projects)
  • Fixes in Projects Services when auto-calculation option is unchecked (Projects)
  • Inquirer information added to Contacts > Clients when creating new project (Projects)
  • Projects > Finances: Attach invoice PDF’s directly when creating a payment (Projects)
  • Search and Filters work together now in the projects Task board (Projects)
  • Budget per person taking decimal values in Projects details (Projects)
  • Export task button added in Payments (Projects)
  • Clients with Read-only access cannot add new contacts anymore (Contacts)
  • Comments in the Task board of a project are now saved without issues (Projects)
  • Users profile pictures are now visible in the projects Team (Projects)
  • Status of the sub-task is now visible in the projects Task board (Projects)
  • Alert for empty name pop-up when creating sub-task (Projects)
  • Moving the position of the packaged service is not opening the service anymore (Projects)
  • Fixes related to notifications of the tasks that are Played/Paused (Projects)
  • Fixes related to services attached to POs (Projects)
  • Fixes related to POs within the project/ Projects (Projects)
  • Fixes in Project Services Overview related to new services creation from the „+“ button/ Projects (Projects)
  • Fixes when creating payment from POs. The system is now taking only the currency of the PO (Projects> Finances)
  • Long description in Projects Task Board hidden with strip tags (Projects> Task board)
  • Fixes in the time tracking in the exported Excel reports (Reports)
  • Fixes related to the filters in RFI module (RFI)
  • Deleted suppliers are not visible in the services anymore (Services)
  • Booked items updated correctly in allocations now (Services)
  • Fixes related to filtering the task templates within the settings (Settings)
  • Fixes in the notifications (User Settings)
  • Fixes in the users roles giving permission to upload files (User Settings)
  • Fixes related to the upload profile picture after it was deleted (User Settings)

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