Meet Meetingbox 3.3.0 – great updates for better event management (English)

It is our mission to make event management and event planning easier with smart digitalization. Offering the best product requires following the latest trends in the event industry and carefully listening to the feedback from our customers.

We continuously improve our event management software, by adding new features and removing bugs and making everything work seamlessly together.

We are proud to present to you our latest release: Meetingbox version 3.3.0.

In this article, we’ll point out some of the major improvements we’ve made, but if you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a demo.

Project Workflow Management Highlights

The three new features we want to draw your attention to are:

Progressive Invoice

If you work with invoices, you are going to love this feature. Now each deposit invoice you raise will get automatically deducted from your final one. Your invoice templates can be changed as well to display all deposits already issued and linked to a final invoice. The functionality doesn’t come with the standard system set up, therefore please reach out if you are interested to learn more.

Planned closing date

You can now set an automated planned closing date within the project, based on the number of days from the project end date.

Data Importer

You can now import your content in Clients, Leads, Staff, Suppliers, Services, Geodata and many more. Any existing data related to the Contacts can be updated in just 3 steps and the entire content is kept fully synchronized.

Also New in Project Workflow Management

TOMS (Tour Operator Margin Scheme)

Meetingbox now supports TOMS projects. The functionality allows switching back and forth between a TOMS and a standard project.

Sales Rep Commission

You can set the commission you will give out to your sales representatives and decide whether it will be added to the net selling price of each service before it gets deducted from your profit.

Project program

You can now work with multiple destinations, albeit multiple programs and make and compare cross-program offers.

Add Geodata

Each user can now create Geodata entries directly from the Contacts and the Project.

New exportable columns for Clients/Suppliers
Exclude from Presentation option

Event Management Highlights

The two new features we want to draw your attention to are:

Meeting Request Form (MRF)

Our MRF module has a new logic and position to ensure a more user-friendly workflow. Everything is in one place on the left navigation panel and the access to the submissions is easy. This client-facing functionality implementation gives your business the possibility to work with multiple custom MRF views and to provide a custom view to your clients while submitting a meeting request.

New Discounts and Promotion Codes for Frontend bookings

Your customers love special offers. And you’ll fall in love with our new promotional options. You could now offer different types of discounts (in % or for a fixed amount) that are available only for a limited time period. Or you could give out promotional codes and set usage limit (where the discount will be applicable only for the first XX of items).


Also New in Event Management

Automatic closing of the registration form

The event manager can now set a deadline for the registration. After this date, the registration form will no longer be available and custom content can be shown instead.

Automatic Invoice and Payment creation

We’ll help you automate invoicing. After each completed payment with one of the available methods the system now will create an invoice and an incoming payment in the finances section of the project.

PDF attachment for the email templates

You can now send even PDF attachments with the automatic emails.

Reports design enhancement and new service inventory

Better looking reports with more flexible configuration options are now available.

Email field option for unique registrations

You can now prevent duplication of registration emails by setting an email ID that is unique for a certain registration form.

New invoice option for bank transfer payments

If you use a bank transfer as a method of payment, the system could now automatically create an invoice and open payment within the finances tab in the project.

Upgraded email templates options

It is now possible to send out an email from the system and add BCC. Another new feature allows customers to contact the administrator of the event if a particular action is taken.

Shopping cart design enhancements

Our new shopping cart page is in line with the event layout. A scroll function is now available after the 3rd item.

Event History in Reports

Data is stored in our database and could now be easily extracted with the help of several filter options or found under Reports>Events> your event History.

Mobile Event Apps Highlights

The four new features we want to draw your attention to are:

Weather feature

Help people be better prepared for the event. This feature gives accurate weather forecasts for the city you choose and the desired period, all branded with your corporate colors.

Click here to see Weather feature demo

Global Search

Attendees can use this feature, when in a hurry. Global Search lets you search inside the app and filter results by different criteria.


Click here to see Global Search feature demo


Do you need the app in multiple languages? We have got you covered. Currently, we offer German and English as standard languages. A great new feature for your next international event.


Also New In Mobile Event Apps

Reminder for Sessions

Users can now set up reminders for specific sessions.

Improvement of the Google map feature

Users can now save more than one pin/location on the map.

Floor plan version 2

It is now easier to work with the mapping tools. They also received a full-screen option.

Test the new features and let us know what you think about them. As we already mentioned, your feedback is crucial. Or if you have ideas about new features, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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