Enterprise-Grade Security

For more than 20 years, enterprises across the globe trust in our event management software to manage
their meetings and events in the cloud.

The security of your data is the highest priority in the design, deployment and maintenance of our products and services. We provide our clients with the optimal conditions to meet their requirements when it comes to data protection and data security. All information security management systems and business continuity systems in our data centres are certified in accordance with ISO 27001 PCI-DSS.

Strong Authentication

Meetingbox provides the option for seamless integration with corporate identity directories to manage access and authorization to the Meetingbox application. We support multiple methods of authentication, including Single Sign On, Active Directory integration, Multi-factor authentication, Centralized password policies, so that users will only have to sign in once to access both applications.

Role-Based Access Control

As Meetingbox system administrator, you can create roles and groups to grant appropriate access to the system – globally and per project. Based on the roles and groups you create, you have fine-grained control over what users with access to Meetingbox can see and do.

Data Protection

Meetingbox supports you in fulfilling relevant EU-GDPR requirements. We provide optimal security to protect your sensitive data which is confirmed by a independent certification body: Our data centre in Dusseldorf has been certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in accordance with IT basic protection/ISO 27001 since September 2009.

World-Class Data Center Security

The comprehensive security measures in place at our data centres guarantee that all data is protected from theft or damage caused by environmental influences. Geographically dispersed data centers guarantee exceptional levels of assurance and resilience (99.9% uptime).

Tested and certified data centres

Security is Our Top Priority

If you have any questions about Meetingbox security, please contact our IT Security Team anytime at [email protected]