I don’t have to explain the importance of hosting a Christmas party for your company. It is the party of the year when everyone is in this cozy Christmas mood and excited about the holidays. It is one of the most common and almost necessary team building events!

But this year?

Things are obviously running a little differently this time around. And that’s why we need to start making plans now!

Our mission is to make virtual events as entertaining as live events. Any kind of event, but especially your Christmas Party! The internet is full with tips and tricks how to make your virtual meetings more fun and how to create engaging online Christmas meetings.

These are really important and they are fun! Your team will like them for sure, but what if you want to go beyond? Don’t you want to host a Christmas Party unlike any other?

Take a look at our Virtual Christmas Venue! Invite your team to come here, let them enter the Christmas Hall. Here they can interact with each other, you can have live sessions, meetings, workshops, trainings, and even hang out with each other, chat, chill and listen to music, do yoga together and order food. Give a workshop for your team and bake cookies with them after, brainstorm in Meetings and meet up for a Cocktail mixing session later. The possibilities are endless.

Fill your interactive Virtual Christmas Venue with engaging ideas, of course I have also collected some to make your Christmas Party a success. Connect this with our Meetingbox Virtual Event Software and enable chats, livestreams, live polls, Q&As, track your data and so much more.

Cookie baking session

People enjoy cooking shows for a reason! They are highly entertaining.
Provide a fully equipped baking set to your team members and add all the ingredients they need. You can either livestream yourself while you are baking, or you could show a video of your favourite baker while you and your team follow along at home.

Relaxing meditation session

Provide a meditation session for your team, especially on cold and dark afternoons a mind booster can work wonders for your team! Make sure it is at least 20 minutes long, as it takes longer to relax if you are inexperienced.

When was the last time you cut out a paper snowflake?

You can upload a tutorial and have your team cut put paper snowflakes. To make it even more fun, set a timer, so they have to do it full speed and afterward take a picture of the result. You could share it in the activity feed. Once all images are uploaded, you can number them and have your team vote the best (or worst?) in a live poll.

Hot Chocolate

Get some nice company branded coffee mugs and fill them with a package of instant hot chocolate, have these sent/brought to everybody attending the event. You can set a session in the virtual lounge and enjoy a fine hot chocolate together with your team!

Learn a choreography together

Christmas usually means one thing for sure: lots of food! Make sure your attendees stay active by teaching them a Christmas choreography. Make it a live meeting, and have everyone turn on the camera. You can always get a choreographer to live stream, but there might even be one of your teammates who is willing to teach a dance.

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