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All your projects in one place

From managing meeting requests to strategic master planning, Meetingbox provides intuitive tools to streamline your project workflow management.

Meeting Requests

Every request will be automatically converted to a project in Meetingbox. Boost your productivity and customer experience with automations.

Project Portfolio Management

Streamline all your projects in one place. Sort your projects by client, status, event start date and search across all available project information.

Task Management & Collaboration

Get a real-time overview of all your deliverables, activities, milestones and tasks. Delegate and manage tasks collaboratively accross teams.

Estimates, Offers & Presentations

Easily create estimates and offers based on your service and supplier database. Build high quality presentations in record time.

Financial Management

Keep everything in one place – from invoicing up to cash flow management. Focus on your profit margin and mark-up instead of doing manual tasks.

HR Management & Time Tracking

Track workloads and capacities using Meetingbox’s innovative HR module. Make time tracking user-friendly and reliable.


Manage leads, contacts, accounts and related business information in one view. Stay in control over your pipeline anywhere, anytime.

Reporting Center

Meetingbox makes it easy to monitor how your events are performing. Our data-driven intelligence provides insights in all areas of your business.

Event Sourcing, RFP & Procurement

Benefit from standardized and automated processes to manage the complete e-sourcing lifecycle. Identify, qualify and monitor your suppliers.


Smart collaboration tools enable organizations to drive team productivity and keep everbody informed in real-time.

Invite People
Share Files
Highly Secured

Improve your event efficiency and customer satisfaction

Automise routine tasks using powerful templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

How many projects can I manage at a time?

You can manage an unlimited number of projects with the system.

Can we link Meetingbox to our internal systems?

Meetingbox provides multiple integrations (Salesforce, Oracle Financials etc.) by default. You can furthermore use our API and Webhooks to connect Meetingbox with any other software.

What type of support is included with this service?

Our support team provides quick, expert advice through our ticketing system. Get in touch with our experienced team if you have any questions about setting up your instance.

How can I customise my invoices and other business documents?

We provide a broad range of standard and specialized document templates that you can use for free. In addition we can add your existing document templates and upload them to Meetingbox.

Where is the data hosted?

All data is hosted in Germany only with PlusServer AG.
Find out more about the infrastructure here:

Is the software GDPR compliant?

We are proud to say that our software was already EU-GDPR compliant before the regulation was brought up as a topic. Thus, for us there was no change required when the regulation took effect in May 2018.