Professional Services

Our experts provide professional services to help drive your success. From consulting to full implementation services, our experts deliver at the fastest speed and highest quality.

01. Implementation Services

Let a dedicated customer success manager help you to implement Meetingbox into your current ways of working. We also offer 24/7 customer support providing expert assistance for all your needs.

02. Training Services

Explore and discover Meetingbox for yourself or let us walk you through the features: we can arrange interactive training services either on-site or virtually.

03. Consulting

Do you plan to strategise your event management to drive growth for your business? Our team of industry experts can help to analyse your current ways of working and strategise to create the right solution for you.

04. Customisation

Because each client has a range of different needs, our IT specialists are available to help you to design customised solutions, including API development.

Our Customer Success Managers are specialists in building
best-in-class digital solutions that fully suit your event.
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