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Digitalization is on the rise, and the expectations towards your services and events are getting higher. With your event app, you will extend your services and get a competitive advantage over the competition

We offer you an event app package solution at a fixed price including Marketing support. So that you can focus on your core business. 

Do you want to win at the digitalization?

Our customers

Our event management solutions are used by leading companies around the world. 

Here is what some of our customers say:

“Meetingbox is a very flexible and customizable event app solution, and the Meetingbox Team is always ready to listen to your personal needs and change something if needed. Therefore, we would absolutely recommend Meetingbox for apps.”

Sabrina Fesenbeckh
Project manager at Käfer

"Meetingbox is our trusted event app solution for the Private banking congress since 2015. Meetingbox not only gives us the possibility to inform our attendees effectively, but it is also the perfect platform for us to get feedback before, at and after the event. 

Felix Tornow

Project manager at the Private banking congress

Why choosing our Apps?

Here is what attendees say in a 2018 Meetingplace survey:


Event technology makes organizing events easier


Event apps make access for attendees easier 


The use of specific technologies helps people remember the events

Set new digital standards and position yourself as a “digital champion”. It will fuel the growth of your company.

Master digitalization, win customers

Most attendees today expect from an event to have an app, and features like Live Updates are now standard. 

Attendees expect a digital experience


Create a personalized experience for your attendees and get instant feedback through the central communication platform at every phase of the event. 

Communicate at the right moment



Personalization of agenda and schedule

Sign up for attendees directly from the app

Offline use of important app features

Live Polls, Chats and Event Feeds

Push notifications 

Feedback about your guests

50+ features: Here are some of the most important ones

Meetingbox offers a wide array of features to choose from to build your app. 

You can always easily edit all components of your app in real time with our online editor.

This is how it works

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A project manager dedicated to you will take personal care of your event app from the beginning till the end.

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For information about our privacy practices, please visit www.meetingbox.com/privacy-policy/

Digitalize your event management and get a competitive advantage by taking a strategic approach using the right methodology.    

With more than 20 Years of Industry experience, we can always find a custom-made solution that perfectly answers your needs. Visit our website to learn more.  

Do you want to optimize your event management with a more holistic approach?

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