Camonsite Conference and more deploy Meetingbox Project Workflow Management solutions to digitize and automate event management. Part of their sustainability initiative.

Highend Berlin based DMC and event agency Camonsite Conference and more GmbH believes a sustainable world is important in everything we do. It starts with small things in daily agency life and extends to the organization of sustainable events.

Camonsite has been operating sustainably in their own company since the foundation, to constantly work on reducing their own carbon footprint by making life and work sustainable. Camonsite can help you do the same at your next event. "We have the concepts, ideas and the right partners to turn your event into a ZEROEmmission event" say Valentina Azzoni and Bettina Marwinsky, Managing Directors & Owners. In recent months, we have all realised even more how important the digital world is. How necessary it is to be able to access one's database from anywhere being it the office, an hotel room or one’s own home.  

How important it is to be free to decide what time of day to work. Looking for a tool to help us optimise our daily work processes, we came across Meetingbox. This system, which was specially designed for event management, convinced us by its easy and intuitive operation. As it is web-based, it allows us to carry out our work in a flexible manner, regardless of where we are. In a single tool, we have 24/7 access to all the data we need to make an offer and plan an event step by step from start to finish. After an online training for our team to get confident with this tool we will be soon ready to start to work with the Meetingbox.

Team Member Mark
“The digital revolution is changing not only entire industries, but also the way people work. Our mission is to provide a digital event platform, which enables our customers to provide a unique digital experience to their customers, and to their customers’ meetings and events.”
Mark Pearson
Advisory Board Member