Meetingbox Go

Meetingbox Go for your virtual events

Create dynamic virtual experiences that are as impactful as in-person events across all devices with Meetingbox Go. Our virtual event platform unifies your event experiences with enterprise-grade security, uptime and performance.

Meetingbox GO includes:
- 14-Days Testing phase
- Monthly or Annually Subscription
- 1 Super User and option to add more users
- Virtual Event Platform for your virtual events with max. 4 Event Days
- 30-Days On Demand per Event
- 30+ Features


Flexible pricing and 14-Days testing phase

With our flexible subscriptions, you can choose to subscribe to the tool for just a few months or directly for a year. Moreover, you have the possibility to test the tool for 30 days to get a first impression.

Focus on Virtual Events

You can focus entirely on creating virtual events. All the necessary features are available and stay tuned for Meetingbox feature updates. We always want to provide you with the latest and most important features so you can shine with your virtual events.

Easy and selfexplaining backend

With Meetingbox Go, you can now create virtual events easier and faster, and wow your attendees with a virtual experience. You'll be guided through the various steps, so nothing can go wrong.

Manage your team

You have a larger team that will create virtual events with you. With Meetingbox Go you can easily buy additional users and invite them to work with you.

Meetingbox Academy and Support

The Meetingbox Academy, which is available to every user, will help you create virtual events. If you have any technical questions, do not hesitate to contact Meetingbox Support. If needed, you can also request additional services such as training courses, content & design services, project management, implementation programming and live event support.

Key Features

Event Portfolio Management

Streamline all your events in one place. Sort your projects by status, start date and search across all available event information.

Interactive 3D Expo Builder

Create engaging experiences, add labels, custom hotspots, audio, interactive cards, images, and videos.

Event Program

Define your event program with sessions including live stream links or fully integrated Zoom Meetings and Webinars.

Account Management

Import your event participants and use the email management to send event information and access credentials to the participants.

Group and private Chats

Turn your app into an active event community and set up group chats and allow private chats, so your attendees can interact with each other.

Social Wall

Expand the event lifecycle and keep the community engaged via social wall (including comments, likes and photo upload).

Session Q&A, Live Polls and Chats

Involve participants with live surveys, ask for instant speaker feedback and get invaluable insights with live polls.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications during the event to keep your audience up-to-date.

Realtime Reporting

Measure your event’s impact with reporting (event registrations, turnout, engagement stats and metrics at event/booth level).

The Ultimate Connectivity

Let the event participants enagage with each other with the intractive communication tools.

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