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Re-defining virtual events

Meetingbox takes your events to a whole new level. A new way to discover and interact.

Elevate Audience Engagement

Meetingbox lets you run your engaging and personalized digital experiences like it was made by a Hollywood studio. Host a feature-packed event that delights and engages your audience.

Content hub

Bring all your upcoming, live, and on-demand sessions together. Create engaging content hubs filled with multi-media digital assets to engage your prospects and customers.

Showcase your event

Power your in-person, virtual, and hybrid sessions
on one streamlined platform.

Build brand experiences

Meetingbox lets your brand shine through. Turn every event into a lasting and meaningful relationship with your brand.

Engaging networking

Create engaging moments with extensive collaboration tools and provide attendees with a virtual community.

Mobile Version

Event participants can access the Meetingbox Virtual Platform via  their mobile phones and join the events.

100+ Professional 3D Templates

With our template library, designed by leading 3D designers, there's no need to start your virtual venue from scratch. Choose a design that fits your brand and we'll adjust it to your needs.

Improve ROI

Meetingbox helps you measure the ROI of your virtual meetings and events.

Gain a holistic view into your events strategy by tracking valuable and important event analytics at any time.

Max reach

Virtual events hosted on Meetingbox are designed to reach a global audience.

Eliminate physical barriers and broaden your audience. Virtual events allow attendees to join sessions from anywhere.

Save Costs

Virtual events drastically reduce the overall costs and expenses.

Virtual events reduce your cost required to arrange traditional in person events (traveling cost, accommodation cost etc.)

Interactive 3D Designs

Create engaging experiences, add labels, custom hotspots, audio, interactive cards, images, and videos.

Information & Presentation

Present brochures, data sheets and videos on your digital event. Everything is available at a click of a button.

Realtime Reporting

Measure your event’s impact with reporting (event registrations, turnout, engagement stats)

Virtual Booths

Booth representatives can engage with visitors via text/audio/video chat in real time.

Next-generation virtual events built for enterprises

Our virtual event platform unifies your event experiences with enterprise-grade security, uptime and performance.

  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Single Sign On
  • Targeted Push-Notifications
  • Agenda Management
  • SLA and Support
  • GDPR
  • Deployment Options
  • App Integrations

More product features

Virtual Community

Turn your app into an active event community, so your attendees can interact with each other.

Event Program

Keep your guests informed and provide up-to-date and real time event information at any time.

Push Notifications

Send personal or group-based push notifications before, during and after the event.

Live Voting & Feedback

Involve participants with live surveys, ask for instant speaker feedback and get invaluable insights with live polls.

Activity Feeds

Expand the event lifecycle and keep the community engaged via activity feeds (including comments, likes and photo upload).

Real-time Reporting

Measure your event’s impact with reporting (event registrations, turnout, engagement stats and metrics at event/booth level).

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