Virtual, In-person, or Hybrid Event

Our wide range of features facilitates any type of event, which you can think of. We give you the toolkit for any possibility and for all eventualities.

Reach & attendance – increase exposure to include people from all over the world‍

Flexibility & feasibility – Host events quickly and easily. Virtual events are achievable at a much lower cost than events arranged in conference centers, for both you and your guests.

Analytics & ROI – Know your event attendees and the quality of your content & have more transparency on your event profitability.

Engagement & Content –Show more content than ever and allow people to network in new, creative, and effective ways.

Meetingbox scales to ensure success for all events, simple to complex


We know how important your brand is, which is why our virtual booths are highly customizable.

Product Launches

Put focus on the content and use the Virtual Venue to create a product launch or product previews with pre-recorded content


Hold both internal or external conferences however many days. Allow for further reach, easily available content, presentations and entertainment.

Internal Events

From Lounges to Bars, a Networking event can be hosted with Zoom or Meetingbox add on features.


Use Zoom's rich features to host engaging and data driven workshops, in a Virtual Venue where ’Content is King’. Limit access to material.

Content Hubs

Meetingbox Content Hubs use the 3D feature of the Virtual Events module to build a branded venue in which you can present content to your visitors in a more engaging format, and communicate with them.

They are usually open for an extended period of time and they have no scheduled program which sets them apart from Virtual Events.

Companies can use Content Hubs for both internal and external purposes. Once the purpose is defined, you can get creative with the look and feel of the venue, and leverage Meetingbox’s features to create a unique experience to your company and an incredibly engaging environment.

Content Hubs usually begin with a short registration which then directs one straight to the venue. This allows for companies to track visitors on the platform, seeing what they have downloaded and the whole user journey in depth.

Content Hubs can be created with Meetingbox Pro and Enterprise.

Meetingbox Content Hub

Get the most from your events

Product Presentations

Showcase your product in either pre-recorded or live formats, or host live demos. Rather than a simple webinar, visitors can view your latest products – in your world –
surrounded by additional and relevant content.

Onboarding & Trainings

Give employees training or onboarding in a more engaging environment, rather than just sending them documentation. Do this in your branded venue while getting feedback questions, and chatting all in one place. Live or pre-recorded.

Sales & Lead Generation

Use your branded venue to create a more engaging way of presenting information to potential customers before they book a demo. Book and host Demos on the platform and track customers throughout their journey. Communicate with them through chat.


Simply present content in a more engaging way all in a branded venue to wow visitors. Offer the venue to your brands where they can have booths with their content, and invite guests to the platform.

More Features

Elevate Your Guest's Experience of Your In-Person Events
From onsite check-in and swappable digital contact cards to touchless content and personalized event agenda builder, Meetingbox offers the perfect solution to host impactful in-person events.

The All-In-One Solution for Your Hybrid Events
Use stunning 3D designs to model your virtual environment after the live venue. Stream live footage of event sessions to your remote audiences and deliver an integrated experience to all your attendees with a handy mobile event app.

Host Amazing Virtual Events
Meetingbox enables organizations to hold their events online. We offer a broad range of solutions to design and stage the ideal event for you.

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