Feinkost Käfer Digitalizes Event Management

Meetingbox develops a custom-made event app solution for Käfer Service GmbH   Feinkost Käfer is breaking new ground in the digital age. The world-renowned Munich-based catering company, in cooperation with Meetingbox, offers a powerful mobile event app for iOS and Android. Feinkost Käfer expands its existing service portfolio to support customers even better in new digital ways. Attendees can download the Käfer event app from the app stores on their smartphones or tablets, enter their individual event code, and start using the app right away. The app keeps attendees up-to-date and encourages interaction among guests.  

Furthermore, the Käfer Party Service offers a personalized experience for attendees that aligns with the high-quality standards of the company. Christian Scheerke, Executive Director at Käfer Service GmbH: “The name Käfer is associated by our customers with products of the highest quality, personal and professional competencies, creativity, innovation, exclusivity and trendsetting. The future of the Käfer brand lies in further maintaining and enhancing this reputation. This is why we also want to be a leader in the field of technical innovations.”  The Käfer event app meets the high standards of design and functionality in particular. Scheerke adds: “We want to bring our services to another level. In a conversation with the Meetingbox team, the idea for the development of a unique app was born – one that adds extra value to the attendees’ experience.”  

The event app offers great advantages for both participants and organizers. It supports event managers in many different ways.  

The app replaces the standard printed paper program, which saves time and money. With this switch from the traditional paper-based materials to comfortable digital tools Käfer Party Service takes a step towards digitalization and helps protect the environment.

Meetingbox’ flexibility allows the Käfer Party Service’s event team to be very agile – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Whether short-term schedule changes or important updates – in a very short time features can be added, push notifications send or other changes in the app carried out. Thanks to their increased efficiency with Meetingbox project, managers can have more space for innovative and creative tasks.  

Käfer Party Service’s event team adapts the event apps tailor-made to the needs of the customers. Meetingbox offers 50 features to choose from that you can easily arrange with a simple drag-and-drop editor. The event team arranges colors and layout and integrates event schedule & content, chat, newsfeeds, interactive maps, and more. With the Käfer event app attendees have the most important event information always in the palms of their hands – online and offline. This means that attendees won’t miss the event app – even on the plane or at an event in the deserts of Marrakech.  

In addition to the attractive feature list and price, there is a strong focus on user-friendliness. "The price for this personalized app is reasonable and is offered in event packages - transparent and without hidden costs," adds Scheerke.  Feinkost Käfer and its brand belovedbykaefer are successfully using Meetingbox for more than three years now.

Team Member Mark
“The digital revolution is changing not only entire industries, but also the way people work. Our mission is to provide a digital event platform, which enables our customers to provide a unique digital experience to their customers, and to their customers’ meetings and events.”
Mark Pearson
Advisory Board Member