Mobile apps are the new digital standard for events

According to the survey “The Science of Healthcare Professional Meetings”, conducted by global healthcare meeting management agency Ashfield Meetings & Events (part of UDG Healthcare plc) in 2018, meetings, conferences and events are the most important educational channel for healthcare professionals.

The Whitepaper indicates that 66 percent of respondents see these events as an opportunity to network with global opinion leaders and stay up-to-date with the latest research results.

However, they would appreciate it if in the future presentations and case studies from the event could also be found online and if better opportunities for networking and communication are available. Trying to fulfill these wishes not only makes sense but is also essential, as another finding of the survey reveals that 77% of all healthcare professionals attend only events that deliver real value and represent a good investment.

And, according to Global Data 2013, events are the most popular marketing tool in the pharmaceutical industry.

The demand for high efficiency in event planning is growing, and mobile event management apps, such as Meetingbox, can help you achieve it.

The Ashfield survey identified some of the pre-requisites for successful meetings, conferences, and events for healthcare professionals. “HCPs don’t want to spend more than 3.2 days per event including travel time,” says Fabienne Wild, Ashfield Meetings & Events Client Relationship Director. “They would like to have direct access to the resources from the presentations, and they would appreciate an upgrade of the classic event format with discussions and interactive components.”

As a possible solution on the road to greater efficiency, Ashfield suggests the use of digital innovations for events that possess all the features needed for professional event planning of conferences and meetings.

These include online registration, real-time schedule information, speaker and lecture content, interactive maps, floor plans, and seating charts as well as a chat feature for easier communication and networking with other attendees. You could also turn attendees’ attention to specific happenings or motivate them to try new things by sending them targeted messages with push notifications.

According to a Deloitte survey, 86 percent of smartphone users check their phone within an hour of getting up.

From the welcome message to the update of the schedule, attendees could stay informed about the latest news around the event via push notifications. Even streaming of sessions inside the app is possible.

And current event management tools, such as Meetingbox, can do much more. Conference, seminar, meeting, banquet, presentation or training – Meetingbox offers you support from concept creation to the day of the event, including activation of the attendees with a single data query, that is required at registration.

The mobile event app solution of Meetingbox offers more than 50 features for the digitization of event processes.

And it will make it easier for event planners to meet HCPs demand for more efficiency.

"Meetingbox can secure both a personalized attendee experience and a holistic optimization of all processes in the company", comments Sebastian Seefried, Chief Marketing Officer at Meetingbox.