“There is the better way to do it- find it” – Thomas Edison

With the army of people involved in planning an event, it must be always coming in your mind how to work efficiently to plan a successful event. And the answer is AUTOMATION. Thanks to the advent in technology and the digitalization of our culture that automation is and will be the way to work forward.

But why automation and not people?

Studies have suggested that in 8 hours of a workday an average worker is productive only for 3hrs and that efficiency can cost up to 30% of the company´s revenue. Thus, driving a conclusion that optimizing mundane tasks will increase productivity, save your time and money is not rocket science.

How - maths behind time and money loss

Let’s assume your hire an employee at $10/hour rate to get 8 event content on your website and she takes 8 hours to upload 8 the content on the website (1 per hour). Total money spend is $80 ($10 X 8 hours = $80).

If the time taken by automation tool – event content management takes 15 mins to upload 1 content on the website. The total time taken to upload 8 contents will be 120 min and money spend will be $20.

Time is taken to complete a task manually – time taken by automating a task = Time Saved

Total time saved - 6 hours

Total money saved - $60

This is just simple example to explain the concept- but the image the kind of bucks that will be saved if the long tasks, approvals process, sending notification etc can be automated the cost and time saving will be substantial.

How can automation help?

Increase efficiency eliminates errors

According to a survey by Think Money, a third of employees are distracted at work for up to 3 hours in a day.  Automating some of the mundane and tedious tasks that are done by these employees will help save money and time and increase efficiency thus allowing them to focus on more on the skill-related tasks. It also helps in reducing percentage error in completing a task.

One of the main and mundane processes of an event planner is to send invites to all the invitees. Now imagine one person dedicatedly working on sending 1000 invites one by one. He will probably take 24 hours or more to do the same. The chance that he might miss out on few names and not able to personalize the invite will also be high. And if the same task is handled by a tool such as an event communication tool, maybe it will take just 5min! to send 1000 invites with 0% error. Imagine the amount of time saved in completing this task.

Higher customer satisfaction level

As per the report published by forbes.com - 75% of the enterprise using AI and machine learning enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10% and 3 in 4 organizations implementing AI and machine learning increase sales of new products and services by more than 10% according to Capgemini. Organizations are looking out ways to be available for the customer's questions at any given point and artificial intelligence/chatbots technology has provided the solution to their problem. Embracing such technology is not only cost effective and is also controlled in the way you want it to be. Online registration, ticketing and payment increase customer’s pleasing experience as everything happens on a real-time basis and is transparent. Such technology helps in creating a positive and consistent brand experience.

Improved management efficiency

Managers are often busy in their daily meeting and thus at time workflow doesn’t happen seamlessly because of their busy schedule. Now, think of automating the workflow management, it will give a better insight into work done by the team members and allows monitoring of the business variables so that one can make sensible business decisions prudently. Real-time reports and update keep checks on all the information helpful in making any business decisions in the right direction.

Increase productivity:

At time business faces special need in their busy season for some task, for which they land up hiring extra employees thus increasing headcount and cost. Often, such issues can be easily resolved by streamlining process, eliminating redundancies and unnecessary tasks. Automating workflows help is solving this problem and increase the productivity of the employees by almost 30%. If the planner creates a single platform such as a website to disseminate information about an event to all the stakeholders, audiences etc. It will reduce redundancies in a team and keeps a better check on the workflow. Lastly, according to the McKinsey report, about 60% of all the occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities. So, what are you waiting for? Be the early adopter of the technology and automate work areas that will save cost and increase efficiency for your organization. Choosing the right automation tool will help you deal with the bottlenecks of your enterprises. Before shelling out money for the automation tools make sure your employees understand what you are intending to do and how automation will decrease their workload. Train your employees and ask for a demo.