Since we started developing solutions for the Meetings & Event industry, we’ve had one focus — to make event management easier and more productive. While not every customer uses our three Meetingbox products – Project Workflow Management, Event Management and Mobile Event Apps – in the same way, everyone is looking for a fully integrated solution to reduce manual work keeping various applications in sync. We’ve been listening to our customer feedback and are pleased to announce that we have implemented our Event Management module directly inside Meetingbox.

Previously, our customers had to use a separate instance of Event Management which was connected via API to Meetingbox. Now Meetingbox users can simply create one or multiple events per project which means that setting up an event website including registration forms and e-mail invitations can be set up in minutes without leaving the platform.

Meetingbox adapts to companies with a larger number of events, providing enormous flexibility to create events that are connected with projects. The product offers centralized controls to ensure that a company’s data remains secure, giving event managers a single point of visibility to manage their projects. And finally, Event Management integrates with Mobile Event Apps, which allows you to use information and better workflows right within Meetingbox.

Curious to see what Event Management can do for your business? We’d love to show you. Contact our sales team to schedule a demo.