Have you already started planning a Christmas party for your company?

Delicious catering? Certainly. Unique, business-appropriate Christmas decorations? By all means. Interactive, memorable entertainment that your guests will undoubtedly love? Of course.

What about your team members, who cannot attend in person or who work internationally? Why not take everything to the next level and incorporate a virtual party for your remote team members to join in your Christmas festivities this year? A hybrid Christmas party is an event, which takes place both in person and online. Even if some of your team members can’t be there in person, they can join in on the fun from the comfort of their homes.

Is planning a hybrid event something you have never done before? Meetingbox offers all the solutions you need. You could even opt for Meetingbox Pro, where a dedicated project manager is at hand to set everything up to wow your guests. Sit back in the confidence that you will have a smooth hybrid event.

Do you have a venue in mind for your physical event? Maybe there is a marquee tent in the golf club grounds, where you can hang stockings and lights. Let your imagination run wild. If you can think of it, we can design it.

Remember to include hybrid-friendly activities

 A hybrid Christmas party would need to actively engage both in person and remote guests — so choose activities, which would achieve this goal. Prioritize hybrid-friendly activities, which everyone can enjoy together, albeit apart. Here are some examples:

●     A FunnyTeam Awards Show

●     HolidayTrivia or Game Night

●     SecretSanta

●     FestiveTalent Show

●     Remember


Share the festive vibes with everyone


Sometimes, remote guests can feel like they're missing out on the fun because they are not attending in person. To avoid this situation, create a shared experience for all guests. For example, if your decor includes paper snowflakes and candles, consider sending some to remote guests so they may similarly decorate their home or office.




One way to encourage engagement between in person and remote guests is by putting them in groups or pairs. For example, when playing holiday trivia, ensure each group has both in person and remote guests. Use Meetingbox’s engagement feature to turn your app into an active community event with group chats and private chats so that your guests can choose how they interact with each other. Involve your guests with live surveys, ask them for instant feedback and get invaluable insights with live polls.


Host a hybrid Christmas party or create a digital Christmas venue for an entire month


You can invite your team to enter the digitalChristmas venue. Here, they can engage with each other through live sessions, meetings, workshops and training. Guests can chat, chill and listen to music, do yoga together and order food. It does not have to be limited to theChristmas party, you could have a digital Christmas venue available to your team members for an entire month.

With Meetingbox Pro, we can build a branded venue in which you can present content to your guests in an engaging format and communicate with them for an extended period without a specific scheduled event.


Use the digital venue to upload all the cool media assets you already have and present them in a more engaging format. Create digital space to gather everyone together after meetings for a cocktail mixing session or some cool Christmas-related content. The possibilities are endless.


Have a look at this digital space, which we made for one of our clients. We can create something similar for your company or make it even more customized.

Whatever you choose, make it fun for your team to let go a little. Some event planners make the mistake of organizing a fun party for in person guests and only broadcasting the event to the remote guests. It may take extra effort to create a digital experience to include the whole of your team and we are here to support you. When done well, you host a party, which inspires trust and belonging within your team.