Have you experienced Video Call fatigue lately? 

Of course, you have and so have your clients and many video call attendees as well. 

If you plan a workshop, training, small conference or anything similar, you want to look into Meetingbox Zoom+.

We have combined two worlds to create the ultimate experience. Invite your clients and attendees into a virtual venue where they can attend sessions and classes via Zoom, fully integrated. 

Stay on the platform and benefit from audio call, video call, chat, live poll, breakout rooms, and many more features. 

Hosting a large virtual event can be intimidating because it combines many hours of content management, technical support, event management skills, and therefore costs. 

With Meetingbox Zoom + we want to offer you an easy way of hosting a virtual event! A few clicks and you are ready to go.
  • Choose your rooms from our template library
  • Set up Zoom Sessions
  • Meetingbox combines the two
  • Invite your attendees
  • Have them register through a custom branded event website
  • Showcase your speakers by uploading their pictures and profiles
  • Start your Virtual Event

We offer you unlimited events for 3500 attendees a year, ideal for your workshops and trainings. Invite your clients to your individually branded platform for meetings and conferences. 

Transform a basic Zoom Meeting into a company-branded event experience and profit from various benefits:
  • Join the meeting from the program or the 3D venue
  • Highlight your preferred sessions in “my sessions”
  • Showcase speakers, and connect with them on the platform 
  • Attendees can join with a visible profile for better networking and engagement opportunities and make their profile invisible if wanted 
  • Surprise your clients with mesmerizing 3D Designs, individually branded with your colors and logo
  • You can choose from a variety of room types and pick your favorite design

For more information, please contact us here !