1. Are you looking for a new way to generate inbound leads?

2. How do you present yourselves or your products more effectively to your potential customers, and give them a completely new website experience?

3. How can you create a more engaging space to host internal workshops or meetings the whole year round?

4. How can you create more engaging and effective training/onboarding areas for your employees or customers?

If any of these questions are ones you would like an answer for, I would continue reading this article to the very end.

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As most already know, Meetingbox is already providing some of the world’s largest customers with a Virtual Events platform that people not only enjoy being on during an event, but using as their day-to-day virtual events tool. Our end-to-end solution is allowing our customers to create their own event in all formats, from meetings to exhibitions, summits to workshops.

However, focusing on customisation in the foundation of our tool has given us the ability to flaunt our fantastic design abilities in a new way, allowing users to go the extra mile with Meetingbox solutions. We now introduce the Content Hub, and we have created our own to show you exactly what it’s all about!

Using the 3D area of our platform, we give people the ability to create a space with us that can be used as a:

- Sales or lead hub

- Digital marketing hub

- Internal workshop hub

- Careers hub

- Onboarding & Training Hub

The platform can be open throughout the year and offers the following incredible features:

- Serviced or self-serviced

- Private or public based on use case

- You choose the time span

- Designed, branded and coloured to create your company’s environment, with different available spaces

- Analytics for multiple types of tracking

Within the platform all our standard features are available for you to pick and choose based on your personal use case:

- PDF’s for visual, downloadable and printable content

- Videos for presenting content in any area, from welcome videos to product demos

- People Area to have an overview of attendees and speakers and their shared details, for internally used hubs

- Zoom integration to have workshops or sales meetings in the platform, these can be scheduled or ongoing

- Activity Feed to be able to share, post and comment with content for internally used hubs

- Links to guide people to different websites

- Slido integration for polling, questionnaires, Q&A and much more

- Walls.io Application for an overview of your social media

- Rumbletalk Intergration for all kinds of chatting functionality

- Videoask Intergration to interact with visitors using pre-recorded content or host quizzes

- Calendly Intergration to allow visitors to book meetings with you

- Wonder Application to create a gamified way of networking

For our Annual License holders, or for customers that are looking for this in addition to running virtual events, registrations and creating event apps, content hubs are of course part of the annual license!

Sign in and check out the Meetingbox Content Hub HERE
To get your Content Hub set up, email william.pearson@succevo.com now!