As the new area of events has begun, the future is highly digital and most likely all events need to be available as hybrid. This means a small group can visit the live event; additionally most visitors can log in online to join. Your attendees will be getting the same experience no matter from where and on all devices. And your team has a single, shared understanding of your business' performance, with a complete understanding of each attendees' unique event experience.
Event Planners now more than ever need one tool which includes all tasks from a to z and connects the entire team. Raise the overall performance of your team to a consistent global standard. Stop losing data and information by switching between several tools in 2021!

Complete Life Cycle

A complete Event Life cycle laid out to you by professionals, from attendee management to engaging networking opportunities to mesmerizing 3D Designs set on a high-class User Interface. We provide your virtual community with extensive collaboration tools, to guarantee interaction.  Today companies look for the ONE tech platform which is capable to pull off ALL their meetings & events - both virtual and in-person.
It requires thoughtful planning, consideration, strategy, and above all, a connected platform to provide a seamless event experience all in one place.

Reports and Insights

Meetingbox can also measure the ROI of your virtual meetings and events. Gain a holistic view of your events strategy by tracking valuable and important event analytics at any time. Centralize your data to raise the overall performance of your team to a consistent global standard.
Yet, we will make your brand shine! Turn every event into a lasting and meaningful relationship with your brand by personalizing templates with your brand colors and logos or even get customized designs made according to your wishes from our design team.

We want to provide more than an event. We want to create virtual communities for your event. Use our extensive collaboration tools, take care of networking within the event. With chat features, live polling, video conversations, calendar bookings, commenting, liking,
With these changes behind us, we are now excited about helping to shape the future of events:
We envision Meetingbox to be the one holistic platform for better events. Empowering everybody who contributes to the event lifecycle to perfectly fulfill their role, exchange values and create perfect experiences together.