Creating Memorable Experiences: Meetingbox's Advanced Branding and Technological Solutions for Event Planning

Advertising (as we know it) is dead.

An industry, which once was a mighty force that commanded attention and drove consumer behaviour, now finds itself facing its own ‘God is dead’ moment as it struggles to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape.

As a simple illustration, if you turn on your TV (if you still watch it of course), other than the logos, whether you are viewing a Samsung Ad or an LG Ad, the messages are almost indistinguishable. Samsung and LG both utilize a variation of the slogan ‘Life’s Good’, while Uber and Lyft both use the idea of ‘moving forward’ to promote their services. Coca-Cola has long capitalized on the tagline ‘Taste the Feeling’, while Pepsi’s recent campaigns center around ‘For the Love of It’. This approach to branding reflects the overuse of research testing rather than creativity. Asking consumers to be the sole source of creativity can lead to a homogenization of advertising messages, with brands repeatedly defaulting to using the same slogans.

With digital advances short-term marketing spend has become easier to measure, and the marketing focus has shifted away from long-term brand ideas. Forget a solid, continuous, long-lasting brand campaign like Nike’s ‘Just do it’, or McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin’ it’, or even Apple’s ‘Think different’. Advertising messages are now short-lived, disposable throw-aways, intended to capture someone’s attention for a moment and then disappear in the ether.

In his book ‘The End of Advertising’, Andrew Essex, who is an author, as well as the co-founder and former CEO of the advertising agency Droga5, argues that traditional advertising is dying, and that brands need to find new ways to connect with consumers in the digital era. According to Essex, with the rise of digital media and ad-blockers, traditional advertising methods, such as print ads and TV commercials, are no longer as effective as they used to be. Instead of relying on interruptive advertising, brands need to create experiences that consumers want to be a part of. They need to create content that is entertaining, informative, and useful, rather than just trying to sell a product. 

Meetingbox gives you a way to break free from the homogenized sea of slogans and to still ‘think different’ by creating memorable experiences with advanced branding options.Here are just a few ways how to do it:

Events: Creating Meaningful Interactions with Your Brand

Event and experiential marketing continue to diverge from other advertising and marketing channels in terms of effectiveness and value to consumers. By a significant margin, consumers say the top two advertising channels that best help them understand the benefits of products and services are brand websites and events. Essentially this means that all other marketing channels and brand-controlled information sources are considered secondary to consumers. 

This is not a surprise given 91% of people have positive feelings about a brand after joining events. But memorable experiences don't happen randomly – they are the result of thoughtful event branding. Think of the best event that you have attended. It is likely that you can picture the people you met, the food, the speakers, and the after-parties. How an event is branded shapes how everyone involved – speakers, attendees, employees, and sponsors – remembers the experience.

With Meetingbox, you can create a branded 3D venue that enhances the experience for both in-person and remote attendees. For example, you could host a corporate party with a ‘Disco Inferno’ theme, and you could create a thematic space with disco balls and 1970s music. This extends the experience to remote attendees, thereby creating additional exposure for your brand. Interactive features, such as polls, chats and breakout rooms can make the event even more engaging for attendees, whether they're attending in person or remotely.

Another way to engage attendees is through gamification. For example, you could create a scavenger hunt where attendees must find hidden branded items throughout the event space. This not only creates a fun experience for attendees but also helps to reinforce your brand message.

Mobile Apps: Easy Navigation and Custom Branding

Another way to engage event attendees is through mobile apps. With Meetingbox's mobile event apps, you can showcase your brand with customized branding options, including your logo and brand colours. Attendees can use the app to view the event schedule and receive real-time updates. You can also facilitate networking opportunities among attendees through the app.

AR Branding: Bringing Your Brand to Life

AR branding is an innovative way to engage with attendees to create a memorable experience. With Meetingbox, you can bring your brand to life in new and exciting ways, creating a unique experience for attendees. Our 3D designers help you to create or obtain 3D virtual assets so that they can be scanned by attendees. This could be anything from a branded virtual booth to virtual signage, or even virtual products that attendees can interact with. Let's go back to the Disco inferno example, where you can create interactive elements that attendees can engage with throughout the event, like a virtual dance floor or an AR branded mirror ball. Attendees can scan these elements with their phones and take selfies, creating a fun and engaging experience that reinforces your brand message.

☝🏻Click on the mirror ball to view the AR asset

Meetingbox's advanced branding and technological solutions for event planning help you to create memorable experiences that stand out from the crowd. By using Meetingbox, you get to create a unique and engaging event that attendees will remember long after it's over.