Meetingbox develops a personal event management app for Dorint

Everyone talks about the importance of digital transformation, but not many manage to adapt their business to the new environment. Dorint is here an exception: in collaboration with Meetingbox the renowned hotel chain offers a powerful mobile app that not only makes event planning easier for event managers and caterers but is also inspiring attendees so that the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming event grow - a perfect customer experience in the digital age.

Digitalization is a hot topic, even if hardly anyone knows how to successfully implement it.

And this is a mistake that could lead to a rapid loss of market share. This was one of the main concerns of Dorint Hotels & Resorts’ senior management in the last months. “Many of our competitors can offer conference rooms with the best technical equipment combined with attractive hotel rooms in the same building. But we needed a different approach. We wanted to find a way to offer extra service to our business customers. In a discussion with the Meetingbox team we came up with the idea to develop a personalized app”, said Hannes Borchers, Commercial Director at Dorint GmbH.

“Attendees today expect from a conference or an event to have an app”, adds Meetingbox’ Chief Marketing Officer Sebastian Seefried.

“Why? Because it makes access to the event easier, increases the desire for communication and networking and gives attendees more positive memories that they will keep longer.” Of course, there are already many solutions on the market, but most of them are too complex and quite expensive. This was not what both companies were looking for. “We needed a compact, light, easy to configure and cost-effective solution”, explained Sebastian Seefried.

How does the Dorint mobile event app work?

Users of the app need no prior knowledge in the field of design and technology. They just have to choose the features they will need for the planned event, select the color scheme and arrange everything with a drag-and-drop online editor. More than 50 features are available including Program & Event Content, Chats, Newsfeeds, Push Notifications, Interactive Maps and even Live Poll.

After the customer has made his choice the app is ready to be published. This happens in the stores of Apple and Google. A predetermined code gives access to the event. “The personalized apps are very affordable. We offer different event app packages that are transparent and have no hidden costs”, explains Hannes Borchers.

Partnership instead of DIY

“Many companies expect from the in-house IT department to develop digital solutions like this app. But we believe that digitalization is too complex and therefore only possible with partners you could trust – companies that are more innovative and successful in this area than we are. Because of that, we decided to work together with Meetingbox. Their team works not only fast, but also efficient. In my opinion, trying to do this by yourself has no chance for success.”, summarizes Mr. Borchers.

With this strategic partnership, both companies want to make the most out of their expertise in the field of digitalization. Since the beginning of May, the mobile event app is already in its test phase.