We are so proud of our Meetingbox 3D artist, Anna Natter! She will be speaking at Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference about her 3D artwork, which revolutionized Meetingbox and made this huge step into the future of events possible.

When COVID came around and the event industry shattered, we knew quickly how urgent it was to come up with new ideas. In only a few months, Anna helped us create a world where events can take place 100% digitally and entirely safe for all attendees.

Now we can provide events from small summer parties to large exhibitions and conventions, created as lively and engaging as real events. From attendees, chats, keynotes, live sessions, live streaming, all the way to games, cocktail hours, and dinner.

Easy usability

It was always our vision to make event planning as fun and straightforward as possible. Meetingbox covers all the steps from planning to execution of the event, including various integrations to simplify payment and ticket purchase processes. Event management should be exciting and creative, not stressful, and flooded with bureaucracy and data.

We create an “Event Experience” like no other. Event Experience is a big word, but it includes everything we want to say about our Virtual Events. This is not just any other online webinar. This is an experience that is so close to a live event as anyhow possible.

We provide a 3D designed world, which is 100% connected to our event management software. This means you benefit from over 40 features for registration, engagement, reporting, and more, plus professional support!

If you take a look at Annas Designs, which were created in long hours of brainstorming, customer opinions, and Anna’s incredible talent, you can see the love and the passion in there. This is a new world, it is not futuristic but real, authentic and one should feel comfortable.

Template based

Creating an event experience rather than connecting pretty images was our mission. Numerous amounts of templates were created so that our clients can either pick and choose or modify and personalize however they like. But once again, there is always the option of getting something customized. Do you want to have a sauna in your virtual event? A rooftop terrace? A hand washing area where you can chat? No Problem!

Hey Anna, how did you start with 3d design?

After 8 years in art education, I started to work for the Hungarian RTL television station, and I learned everything about virtual studios and the basics of 3D there. I’ve also been creating animations as I was part of the News Graphics Team. When I started freelance, I started working on branding projects and creating more in 2D design in general. I jumped into 3D again 4 years ago, and I’ve been learning different software and modeling techniques. Interestingly enough, everything that I learned in the last 14 years came together in my current work, the virtual events.

How important is good design to create an event experience?

Good design is just as important as good functionality, and our events deliver both. Our clients enjoy their customized events, and they feel like “home” when they participate. They like to participate in the creative process as well, and we always try to make sure that their ideas are presented the most attractive and best functioning way.

What could go wrong, or what do you need to be aware of when creating one of our ideas?

Until now, we haven’t faced anything that we couldn’t solve. The design and the way I choose the compositions are focused on functionality. We don’t waste space for things that are not important. We present everything with real-life measurements that feels familiar to look at, so people don’t feel it uncanny and unnatural. I think we are unique with this, and that’s why people can relate to our design.

What was your first thought when we told you our idea?

When I first heard of creating this virtual world, I was super excited because this is the most complicated project I created in 3D until now, and I could add my personality to it. I created many test-renders, and it was a very intense creative process from research to the final renders of the event demo we first created. And we never stop coming up with new ideas. It’s a joy to work with people at Meetingbox who are incredibly creative and effective in their field.

What do you like most about creating events?

I enjoy every event we create, but my favorites are the custom events when I can create something entirely new, for example, small details like using a hard hat as a seat for a construction company. I think that shows on our design and our events that enthusiastic people create it.

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