If you are a recruiter or have organized a career fair, you have likely attended or hosted at least one virtual event. In fact, in-person career fairs have been conspicuous in their absence recently: more and more event hosts are looking for easy, reliable solutions to host a virtual career fair. 

Moving your career fair online has the obvious benefit of increasing the pool of job applicants who could not have otherwise attended your fair due to geographic restrictions. But the benefits are not only bound to reach the global audience. Here are a few reasons why so many companies are choosing to host a virtual career fair virtually:

It is Cost-Effective

Hosting a virtual career fair lets you eliminate venue setup, catering & accommodation costs. Setting up an in-person career fair is expensive and can take weeks, sometimes even months of planning.  From booking a venue to personnel training and not to mention transportation logistics. In-person career fairs also require more manpower: the number of people required to make sure an in-person career fair runs smoothly is much higher than a virtual career fair. For example, because of the in-built features of virtual career fair platforms like Meetingbox, it is completely unnecessary to have someone who tracks attendance and checks attendees.

Global Talent Pool

 We’ve already mentioned this reason above but its importance is critical. Virtual career fairs let you expand your reach & connect with talent outside your immediate region. With virtual career fairs, employers from around the globe can come to any career fair at no additional cost. You can say goodbye to looking for parking, finding your booth, sending staff to campuses, and finding ways to stand out in an event space. 

Brand Recognition

Virtual career fair Platforms use branding spaces in the 3D venue while also mimicking your office. At Meetingbox the design is a top priority. Experienced designers make it possible to create a virtual space for you that is as impactful as in real life. Virtual career fairs let you create more brand-able experiences than physical career fairs because you can let recruiters choose fonts, logos, and the thematic colours of the virtual fair itself.

Moreover, rather than having to hand out printed brochures, employers can embed videos & images for attendees to view, right within the fair itself.

Remote Access

You can enable candidates to participate & apply for jobs from any device.

For companies that participate in an event, a set-up process is so easy that it makes you ask, “Is that it?”

Employer and recruiter set-up is made super simple: First, one has to complete an online registration form with targeted information and then personalised links are sent to join the event.

No more anxiety about printing deadlines for banners or company tabloids. And certainly no wasted time on guessing quantities! All attendees can view whatever promotional materials you upload at registration. When the event ends, instead of collecting leftover items, you simply log out.

Candidate Reports

With virtual career fairs, organizers can track attendance, candidate participation, career fair ROI, and more. With an in-person career fair hosts only get half of the story when it comes to who attends the fairs, which employers connected with which job seekers, etc. When moving career fairs online, hosts can get accurate reporting metrics on how many job-seekers attended a fair, how many of those attendees had interactions with employers, and how long those interactions lasted. 

Every blog needs a conclusion right?

Ok, here it is: Go virtual; In fact, go virtual with Meetingbox: your newest employees are waiting! How, and with whom, you host a virtual career fair matters, so choose the right digital partner with a robust platform and you will be able to increase the candidate pool, save time and money, simplify the registration process, and make meaningful and traceable connections.