Thinking outside the box is overrated.

Creativity always needs a box.
We know this sounds confusing.
So, let us explain.
Imagine someone telling you: “You have 1 hour to come up with something creative!”. In this situation, most people will get stuck unable to fulfil the task, because they have no idea where to start.
Now imagine receiving the following task: “You have 1 hour to divide this cake into nine pieces that are the same size.” Because of the odd number of pieces, this is actually not easy and solving it requires creativity. But you already know what exactly you need to achieve. The limitation (number of pieces) is the “box” that you have to think inside.

See?! Creativity only works when there is a box you must fit in.

And this is not something we came up with. Studies have proven that by constraining and channelizing our brain, we make it focus on finding creative solutions.

As an event planner, you always face many limitations - budget, time, etc. They build your “box”. And you must be incredibly creative to be able to deliver your attendees the best possible experience (this is your clear objective).
But if you manage to automate the tedious and repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to dedicate more time to the important stuff and the search for creative solutions.
And technology is here to help you.
Meetingbox is an event management software that drastically reduces manual work.
We could compare it with a box containing everything an event planner needs.
The 3 Meetingbox products - Project Workflow Management, Event Management, and Mobile event apps - are designed to improve planning and workflow efficiency and deliver engaging event experiences.

As you can see, thinking inside the box might be good for your events.

Only if you have the right box, of course.